The Synergistic Theory of Organisational Career Development is more a model to use within the context of an organisation or work, it does offer some new perspectives on how we can work with clients in a career guidance context, away from ‘the company’. The basic tenet is not different from some other theories or models, if you look at how this can be applied to career guidance work. Even though it also echoes other ‘work based’ approaches, especially Work Adjustment Theory, it includes the client’s ‘dreams’ and the client’s ideal as a central concept, which places it within the constructivism strand. Looking at the structure within the theory, it prompts us to ask some central questions and to explore the client’s vision of themselves and their future. It then offers us the opportunity to draw in the perspective, needs and vision (instead of ‘dreams’) of the organisation or the world of work. Exploring this theory may be especially useful for those working with clients who struggle adapting to the corporate culture or those clients who struggle to see value in their work or those who struggle to see the bigger picture.  It can be useful for a variety of other situations as well and is worth exploring.


Synergistic Theory of Organisational Career Development – Kerry Bernes