Services I offer

Marc Truyens – Career Guidance – Assessment and Training – Resource Development

If you are looking for career guidance or support with your career guidance apprenticeship or level 6 qualification, please read on or contact me.

Career Guidance, Career Coaching and Career Counselling

I have been a career guidance professional since 2004 and have therefore considerable experience in the field of career guidance and career coaching, offering services to mainly young people but also adults. I can support you with:

  • Planning, assessing or re-assessing your career options
  • Work with you to get around problems or blocks you may have in making career decisions
  • Exploring options and possibilities
  • Writing your CV; while assessing the personality traits, skills, experience and education so you can offer a strong profile
  • Assessing options for training or education
  • Supporting your UCAS application by helping you write a strong personal statement
  • Helping you review your UCAS personal statement
  • Assessing your options after redundancy
  • And much more…

I also offer my services to schools as an independent Career Professional to help you fulfil the Gatsby Benchmarks

Services to professionals or trainees

Support with the Level 6 Qualification in Career Guidance

I am a qualified assessor with years of experience of career guidance work and considerable experience of assessing for the Level 6 OCR Qualification in Career Guidance. Apart from the completely free, advert free information on this website, I also offer:

  • Support you with your qualification, especially the theory module (Unit 3) of the level 6 qualification but also for the level 6 apprenticeship in Career Guidance.
  • Bespoke training or training sessions either online or at a location convenient to you in the South Somerset and Dorset area.
  • One to one coaching to help you finish your qualification.

Support with designing materials and functional graphic design for Career Guidance

You will find lots of examples of the kind of work I do in this respect on this website, but I am also very interested in developing and thinking about new ways of using graphic representation in career guidance. Please contact me if you would like to work with me on this.

Supervision and Mentoring

Whether you’re just setting out on your journey in supporting people with their career planning, or whether you need another professional to talk to, I am keen to help. Please contact me to discuss.

Writing for Career Guidance

I am a great believer in creating individual resources to support your work. This makes them fit in perfectly with what you do and the individual way you work. Of course I develop my own resources and can work with you to do the same. Please contact me if you are interested.


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