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Here are general Career Guidance related links if you are looking for those instead of links for career guidance theory.

Useful Links Related to Career Guidance Theory

Below are some of the most useful resources on career guidance theory I found. Obviously, this is far from an exhaustive list and there are many more good to excellent resources to be found online. Some of the links below may have been more temporary than anticipated, so my apologies for those links that don’t work.

Remember that there are also links at the bottom of every theory when you explore them on any of the other pages on here, especially the Timeline, Theories A-Z and Theorists A-Z.

Best Harvard referencing resource:


Slideshare resources:


Academic and semi-academic resources:



The links below are some general career guidance related links. I hope you find them useful. Even though I do my best to keep them up to date, you’ll appreciate this is a big job and some of them may be out of date. My apologies of some of the links don’t work.

General Links Linked to Career Planning and Guidance

National Careers services

Key higher education websites

  • career profiles, course outcomes, postgraduate courses, career information and a lot more…
  •  UK government website full of information on all aspects of society including education, finance and other aspects of officialdom.
  • lots of information for students with disabilities.

General Career Planning and Career Management

National student finance websites

Student finance (information and other funding options)

Applying to university

And the other way round… how to search for and apply for degree studies in Europe

Not strictly part of the remit of this website, but useful nonetheless…

  • and Irish website for study in different countries in Europe; will work just as well for UK students

Course searching for Postgraduate applicants

University guides and league tables

If you decide not to go to university:

For studentships:

  • THE jobsite for both jobs and studentships with UK universities nationwide.
  • The Open University: also publicses studentships on its own website, just like all other universities.
  • Postgraduate Studentships: where studentships and funding meet according to the website… they may be right.
  • Findaphd: another part of the same website on Masters courses above.

For internships, work experience and placement opportunities

  • internships in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Austria.
  • CareerJet: huge selection of opportunities in one place, sourced from different websites
  • from pre-university gap year jobs to part time jobs, summer jobs, work placements and graduate jobs
  • internships, jobs and much more…
  • a year in industry opportunities and vacancies; post 18
  • for international careers, placements and internships


English language tests:


  • website for providing official comparison of international courses with UK equivalents. Important if you need to prove what your course studied abroad is worth.

Career Gateways (career search, course search etc…)

Career Profiling sites

Labour market information

  • . You can also find a series of tools and information here.
  • containing papers on the labour market and other publications.
  • most university websites and university career services will have a section on labour market information. These may offer more local labour market information for the area the university is located in, as well as national and international labour market information.
  • a government website with a range of statistics, including those for the labour market.
  • labour market informatioin from a range of official sources.
  • labour market and career information for researchers.
  • the riskiest jobs report from GoCompare.
  • also, don’t underestimate the power of job vacancy websites for LMI with clients – see next section for examples.
  • for local LMI, it’s sometimes useful to find the number of local companies offering opportunities. I use google for this – put the sort of business in google (eg.: hairdressers) and then in the results page you should get a map at the top. Scroll down and click on ‘More businesses’ to find out whether there are opportunities locally and how many. It still depends on whether they recruit of course…


Search for employers

  • employers nationally and locally with handy interactive map
  •  find employer nationally and locally
  • Google – put the sort of business in google (eg.: hairdressers) and then in the results page you should get a map at the top. Scroll down and click on ‘More businesses’ to find out whether there are opportunities locally and how many.

Travelling within the UK

Living in the UK