About marcr.net

“A picture says more than a hundred words”

The professional section

I have built this site mainly around the professional section and with specific purposes in mind. Unfortunately I don’t have a feedback or comments section because I don’t have the time to attend to this properly at the moment. If you have a specific comment or request, feel free to use the ‘contact’ page.
Visual representations are central on marcr.net
When talking to candidates for the OCR level 6 in Career Guidance Qualification, I noticed a lack of visual representations of the different career theories and related theories online. Often, a picture says more than a hundred words, particularly for more visual learners. Because of the many graphics, it’s best to use marcr.net on a laptop, desktop or tablet with larger screen. It’s very difficult to impossible to make something that comes across well for a phone or small tablet for the subject of this website.
One stop resource base for the level 6 OCR qualification in career guidance – Unit 3, and others
Even though we offer quite a good list of resources in house, students often don’t have access to an academic library. This means resources to reference and use are relatively scarce for some theories. Academic resources are scarcer still. Even though I don’t have the time to offer in depth information for the main and other career theories, my aim was to offer a one stop resource bases for students on the OCR Career Guidance qualifications.
Stepstone for further research
Alongside that, I think it’s important for level 4 and 6 candidates to do their own thinking and research to help them make up their own mind about the theories. With marcr.net I hope to offer a starting point for further research, especially by adding some questions and resources at the bottom of every page. I also hope that the theory section of the website will enthuse some students in seeing theory as something interesting and even exciting to explore to help their practice. Theory really doesn’t need to be boring!
Source for tools for career guidance, coaching and counselling
I am also constantly exploring, creating and trying out new tools. Some of these are linked to the organisation I work for at the moment and I can’t publish these here. Others I created in my own time and I will make those available on here, free to download and use. Try them out yourself and see what you think!

The career section

This section is for those people who would benefit from some support, although this section will be in development for some time to come because of the limited time I have as a full time career professional and assessor. In the career section I am also exploring a new way of thinking about careers, so there will be ongoing changes on that section.

And more…

Writing for careers and especially using graphic design for career guidance, are a specific interest of mine, as you can tell from the many examples on this website. I am always exploring new ways of using graphic design. I’m also an advocate for improving the way graphic design is used in all kinds of materials, including PowerPoint presentations, materials for publication, as well as the use of graphic representations in one to one interventions. Good basic design can help get a key concept or idea across much more efficiently and more pleasantly. I hope to build up that section over the next couple of months, if time allows.   All the graphics on this website are created by me and attributed where possible and needed. Feel free to download and use my graphics where possible, but please ask for my permission when using these in a commercial context.  

A bit more about myself:

Not everyone wants to know everything about me, linked to this website and what I have to offer. Please feel free to browse and click on any of the categores below to explore.

Let’s introduce myself...

I am Marc Truyens, and I live, since 2004 (already!) in the South West of England. Before this I lived in Scotland, Belgium and what seems like a lifetime ago, in Switzerland and short stints in France and Germany. So a lot of international experience as well as experience in this country.

I have worked in career guidance in Dorset since 2004, after completing my Qualification in Career Guidance at the Nottingham Trent University, where Liane Hambley was one of my tutors and role models.

I work mainly in schools and with those from year 9 upwards, including with sixth formers and those who've left education. I also have expeirence of, and like working with adults, who understandably have very different needs and requirements to young adults and teenagers. In the community I support young adults who are struggling with the planning of their future or with finding and applying for opportunities as well as their parents.

I'm known to go over and above to help clients and I am very dedicated to what I do. I am flexible in adapting to changing circumstances and I am always exploring new ways of working that help clients in different and more efficient ways, so they can build up the opportunities they hope for or respond well to their own changing circumstances.

To find out more about me, please click on the other categories.

Relevant full time qualifications I hold:
• BSc (hons) open degree in art history and sociology
• Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Guidance and Counselling in Learning) (PGCPE)
• Postgraduate Diploma in Career Guidance or QCG (Qualification in Career Guidance)
• NVQ Level 4 LDSS (Learning Development and Support Services)
• MSc in Career Guidance (part – research and dissertation still to do)

In addition to the qualifications I have already, I also have a certificate in basic counselling skills.

I am qualified to offer the Morrisby Battery assessment.

I am a qualified assessor for:
• the level 3 qualification in Advice and Guidance
• the Level 4 qualification in Career Guidance
• the Level 6 qualification in Career Guidance

Like everyone in our profession, I have engaged and completed a lot of additional training both through the organisation I work for and organised by myself. This includes addtional interviewing training amongst which in the narrative approach, theory research, motivational interviewing, LMI and much more...

I also have passed all the health and safety, equality and diversity, safe working and other certificates and training needed for my job.

I have enhanced CRB clearing to work with vulnerable people.

As mentioned, I have been working in career guidance since 2004, when I finished my postgraduate qualification in career guidance at the Nottingham Trent University.

I started work for Connexions Dorset, where I gained a lot of experience working with young people, which I really enjoy. I supported young people not just in career guidance but also with all the other issues that can influence opportunities, chance and decisions.With young people I am able to work almost across the career guidance field from further and higher education to employment and career choice or planning.

I also gained experience working with people with disabilities and those with additional learning needs, which can be challenging  but very rewarding at the same time. This has given me a lot of additional insights and it helped me hone my listening skills further alongside giving me an awareness I wouldn't otherwise have been able to develop.

After 2011 I worked with Adults for Ansbury Guidance, the same employer. I learnt about the differences in requirements and was able to build on my previous esperiences, especially in the area of employability. The research I did in relation to this, and learning about the experiences of adult clients has been  invaluable in all my other career work as well. I really enjoyed supporting adults of all ages and backgrounds in gaining valuable insight in themselves and then seeing them opening new opportunities and exploring different avanues they hadn't thought about before. I was able and keen to finetune my insight and abilities into marketing for work and job applications which is still a rich source of experience and skills now.

I have since also worked with students who are applying to higher education, both in the UK and abroad. I developed a lot of skills, insights and knowledge about different education systems in different countries and about the implications of studying at a university in another country, something I have experience of myself. I have supported quite a few colleagues, alongside clients, with questions about international study. Because of my language skills I also find it easier to access information from different institutions and options abroad.

At present I work in 3 schools in Dorset and in the community, both at secondary level and sixth form, building on my skills and developing more. For instance, I have developed a technique for writing CVs and personal statements for university, which I also use as a motivational and explorational tool with clients when appropriate. I have longstanding experience and a current practice working one to one and offering workshops, groupworks and presentations.

In 2017 I trained and qualified as an assessor on the level 3, 4 and 6 course in Career Guidance and I have been fotunate to support some really motivated and dedicated people to enhance their skills, knowledge and insight. At present I work as an assessor and trainer for the Level 6 in Career Guidance. I like thinking about and developing additional tools for students, including this website. I have experience of and enjoy running workshops for students on the Level 4 and Level 6 qualifications in Career Guidance and in developing didactic materials for these. I love passing on my knowledge and experience where and when appropriate, to help others in supporting their clients.

I also have a specific interest, skills and experience in using creativity and graphic design skills to enhance my work, both in the materials I design and produce for my one to one work and those materials I create for workshops, presentations and groupworks. Central to this is my focus on people's different learning styles. I leave you to be the judge on how effective they are!

With past experience in IT I have the skills to build tools to maximise my efficiency and to look for solutions that work and improve my work. Because of this colleagues often come to me to support them, which I am very happy to do. I have set up a very effective caseload management system for my varied and often competing and complicated set of committments.  With my skillset in IT, I have supported Ansbury, the organisation I work for, in researching and offering my knowledge in IT to enable them to save financial and other resources.

In my spare time I love photography and walking. As I mentioned before, I like graphic design and developing my skills in this during the darker (and wetter) winter days, so I can be creative and artistic in other aspects than my work as well.

Experience in career guidance since 2003/2004, with a variety of clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Skilled at supporting clients with a wide variety of support needs, from not knowing where to go next, to education, including higher education, employability and learning needs.

Well developed communication and listening skills as well as interviewing skills

Creative, able to adapt to different circumstances and finding new and effective ways to work efficiently, with the client in mind.

Skilled at using professional graphic design tools and ICT within career guidance. Good at developing new resources and performing the necessary research to accomplish this.

Excellent caseload management skills through considerable experience of managing competing demands. Experienced at using a variety of tools to support effective caseload management.

Advanced user of MS Office and a wide range of other software to support my work. Keen to try out new techniques and learn. Very skilled user of ICT for work and supporting others in making the most of their computer or laptop.

• English - fluent
• Dutch/Flemish - still fluent(!)
• French - fairly confident
• German/Swiss German - fairly confident
• Italian - I understand quite a bit but speak only a few words

As mentioned, I lived in a few countries in Europe and as a result, picked up some languages along the way. I speak English (of course) and also Dutch/Flemish, a bit of French, German/Swiss German and a few words of Italian. I don't often use some of these languages anymore, so I've lost some skills and vocabulary, but I'm sure I can work back up to relative fluency again within a short time.

Alongside my language skills I have soaked up a lot of cultural influences as well, which puts me in a unique position where I can compare cultures and come to new, creative and different solutions and insights.

I have a lot of different experiences others haven’t had, so sometimes I have some unique insights and understanding about other people’s situations and possibilities. Of course everyone is different and I fully realise other people have their own unique experiences. Even though it doesn’t apply as much to career guidance or career counselling, as opposed to counselling therapy, but finding out your adviser could resonate well with you and what you require, maximises the effectiveness of the support you get. Of course, a lot of this will become apparant during a personal meeting. I hope I’ve given you enough information for you to make a decision on how I can help, but in case I haven’t, please don’t hesitate to contact me.