Examples of Infographics for Career Guidance

These are some examples of the infographics I use most of the time. You’ll see that they are not as ‘flashy’ as the ones you will find on the web. This is with a purpose, however. I have made these to support the one to one interviewing I do with clients, mainly students in secondary education and further education. I don’t hand these out and use these as supporting material for discussion and to easily illustrate what for instance, the possibilities are. I have far more available than the ones on here, but they have been made during my working hours for the company I am employed by and therefore can’t be shared on here.

This is one I use quite often with students in secondary or further education as well and you can click to download the .pdf if you like. Often students are really worried about making exactly the right next step which they hope will magically sort out the rest of their life. I use this to show the flexibility possible, or better even, needed, in planning the future. At the same time, I often use this to introduce the concept of ‘happenstance’ to clients, most of the time not in so many words but at a level and within a context they understand through questioning. If nothing else, it prompts clients to keep an open mind, prepare for change, and keep exploring other opportunities and choices.

Click on the image to open the page (in a new tab) with instructions on how to make this. I use this tool to help people with their interviewing skills. Especially those with little or no interviewing experience I found, have often a simplistic idea about interviewing and how to prepare. They either memorise answers to questions they find online or they really don’t know what to expect. This tool helps them prepare for unexpected questions and offers them a technique to prepare without having to memorise answers. In my opinion, memorising questions and answers is never a good idea… Do you agree? What’s your technique to support clients?

I have made these especially for a year 10 student in England with additional needs. These are ones I had to hand out because of the Covid-19 lockdown. This is why there is more text on there than usual. The young person has been followed up with a phonecall to ensure clear understanding and I have a meeting planned to discuss these further during the start of the school year. Step by step and breaking information down is key for this client and the 4 different sheets reflect this.

Please click on image to purchase your own copy

The full colour copy is available to purchase in a range of formats. These are a bit different to the first ones above in the sense that they are meant for career professionals who are just starting out or as a reminder for those with more experience who want to refresh using Bedford’s FIRST tool. This can easily be pinned up on the wall in the interviewing room and can be used as a reminder of how the FIRST approach works. They are unobtrusive and look like another career poster.

Education system in England – Click on image to purchase your own copy. Education system in Scotland

These two are self explanatory I think. The English education system is available to purchase in a range of formats. There are no arrows and only a limited number of connection lines between the different levels and courses, reflecting the relative flexibility in the education system and so advisers can use their expertise to explain the different levels. This is one I never hand out for that reason. I found it very difficult to make one that is fully self-explanatory for clients and parents and that can be handed out without explanation. Especially the Scottish education system can be quite confusing to get your head around.

These are some examples of the many career flowcharts I have made and use with clients in one to one appointments. These are very useful in helping the client visualise how a certain career route works, what is involved, how long it will take/the commitment they will need, and what the alternatives are, etc…