Sparks Theory

Minna Kattelus 2010 – 2015

Sparks Theory is a trademarked visualisation approach. Minna Kattelus’ model is very much a narrative model in that it explores important seminal moments, interests, influences etc… in a client’s life and tries to build an explorative narrative around these to extract a focus for future action and decision making. Like in other narrative approaches, the practitioner and client work together in developing a ‘counselling chart’. It is basically a mapping tool. Unlike Savickas’ narrative method, it uses visualisation by way of cards and a visual map, created by both the client and the practitioner. Minna offers training and her cards are available in English. However, many of her resources are in Finnish.

The name of the theory, ‘sparks’, hint at its aim. The intention of the practitioner and the client’s work is to find those sparks in someone’s life to generate inspiration and motivation for the future.

More can be found on this website.

Minna Kattelus’ website is in Finnish, but if you open it in Google Chrome it can offer some translation.

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