It’s not my intention to give full information or an extensive discussion on every theory. This website is intended to be a starting point and the main difference with other websites is the visual representation of the theory, which I hope will help get to grips with the theory. There are also links it the bottom to get your further research started.

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Career Writing Method

Reinekke Lengelle & Frans Meijers 2017

Reinekke argues that the writing method is usually used in a group setting, making it both cost effective and time effective to deliver and offer in educational institutions.

As you can guess, this is not a method that’s easy to pick up from reading about it. It takes time and effort to train in this method. Reinekke Lengelle has an excellent website linked to this method, which you can find in the references below. She also offers a free webinar to introduce you to the Career Writing Method.

Career theories on marcr and The Career Writing Method by Reinekke Lengelle and Frans Meijers.


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