Career Counseling with Underserved Populations Model

Mark Pope 2011


I couldn’t find too much about this theory, apart from a book that would cost £20 to £35, which I’m hesitant to buy at the moment. I am very interested and I’m part of several minorities myself, but at the moment, it’s too specific a concept for me to get engaged in at a deeper level, because of other priorities, and I can’t justify the cost for the time being. I’m not part of a university either, either as a student or member of staff, and I therefore don’t have access to a university library. I’m guessing it’s not an easy concept to condense in an easy to read graphic either.

In a way it’s a real shame because it’s such an important issue to focus on.

I’ll have a think on whether to purchase this book at a later time but in the meantime, please have a look yourself. Not sure why anyone would want to buy a chapter only of this book!

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