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The Woodroffe School

Now available – Open Evenings

Did you know?
The Woodroffe School Post-16 open evening is on:
Wednesday the 15th of November 5-7pm
Always well worth attending to help you make up your mind.

College open evenings & open days:

The full list of college open days and events as live on college websites at the moment.
Exeter College: Updated!

Year 10 – the Great Options Treasure Hunt

The Options Treasure Hunt Answer Sheet Download – Click here
Use this website and the links below, especially the ‘Useful links’ link below, to find answers to the following quest(ion)s:
  1. How many full A levels are there available in Woodroffe School Sixth Form?
  2. What subjects and grades do you need for the A level psychology and sociology for the sixth form in school?
  3. How many university undergraduate courses in engineering are there in the entire country?
  4. Which A levels do you need to become a doctor (medicine courses) at most universities?
  5. How many colleges are there in the local area?
  6. What grades do you need, to get into a Level 2 Business Transition course at Exeter College?
  7. What can level 3 Travel and Tourism (Tourism Industry Pathway) at Exeter College lead on to? Could you give 4 examples?
  8. How much is the minimum an employer needs to pay you as an apprentice from April this year in your first year?
  9. What is the main place online were you can find apprenticeship vacancies?
  10. What grades do you need to get into an apprenticeship in dental nursing?

What can you find on here?

How can I plan?

Are you stuck starting to plan or thinking about your future?

What next?

Leaving at the end of this school year or choosing GCSE subjects?

Options explained

Find out more about 6th Form, College, Apprenticeships, Traineeships, University, and more...

Anything employment

Work in the 21st Century & practical information including CV writing & interviewing skills.

Useful links

A lot of useful links about lots of different things, including those local links for Dorset and Devon.

I need an appointment

You can drop in when I'm in school, ask any teacher for a meeting, or you can ask for one here.

  1. How can I plan?: https://marcr.net/school/how-do-i-plan/
  2. What next?: https://marcr.net/school/what-next/
  3. Options explained: https://marcr.net/school/options-explained/
  4. Anything employment: https://marcr.net/school/anything-employment-including-for-apprenticeship-placements/
  5. Links for Dorset, Devon and Somerset: https://marcr.net/school/useful-links/
  6. I would like an appointment: https://marcr.net/school/i-need-an-appointment/
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