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Options at 16

What can you do or get into next with the grades you are expecting for your GCSEs?

Options depending on grades
Where are the opportunities – map and links

When you click or tap on any of the links below, be aware that these are just broad guidelines. It’s important to check the entry requirements on the website of the next school or college you are thinking of going to. Links to these below!

You could also explore the ‘Options Explained‘ pages on this website.

I will get entry grade qualifications instead of GCSEs
I will get mainly grades 1 – 3 for my GCSEs
I will get mainly grade 4 for my GCSE subjects
I will definitely get above grade 4 for all my GCSEs

Map of Sixth Forms and Colleges in the areaMap of local colleges & sixth forms in West DorsetIt’s very important in making your choice, to think about and explore:

  • how far it is,
  • how long it takes to get there and
  • whether you can get there in the first place!

Links to local colleges and schools to check grades:

Sixth form/A levels: most local alphabetically

Sixth form/A levels: other opportunities alphabetically

Colleges in the local area alphabetically:

Other colleges (just outside the map)

I have kept these off the map because it’s rare for students from West Dorset schools to apply there. If you have someone who works nearby who can take you, or you know someone who lives nearby you can stay with, or if you can get transport to these colleges in another way, they are really good options as well of course.