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University and Higher Education

This part of the website isn't just about university, but about all the options you can take in higher education. Have a look around before you make a decision. There are a lot of options these days! Before you click on one of the options, have a look at the grid below to get an overview.

  Full time university - degree, masters, foundation degree HNC/HND   What is a BSc/BA, MSc, FdA/FdSc, HNC, HND, etc...?
  Higher and Degree apprenticeships   Employment with (Higher Education) training

In the past decades the employment market has changed tremendously, which is in turn reflected in education. Long gone are the times when you could go to university, if you were lucky, and then leave with a good degree and a job for life. Another way to look at this is that the days when you were herded into a career you were more or less stuck in for the rest of your life are long gone as well.

These days, a dream will only take you so far and you don't need to plan all of your life from where you are now. In fact, you only need to plan your next step if you are going to university. if you do that well, you're on the righ track. Change will happen at some point!

The options for higher education are: