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Traineeships are good opportunities if:

  • You feel you’re not ready for a full apprenticeship
  • You feel you need that little bit of extra support to help you build your confidence to start an apprenticeship
  • You simply didn’t get the grades you need to get into an apprenticeship. But you can do a traineeship if you do have qualifications up to the equivalent of A levels or a level 3 college course.

It’s also a good way into the world of work from school if you have little or no work experience yet, which is perfectly ok. Lots of people are very new to going to work after school. You’re not the only one.  

Traineeships are a bit different to apprenticeships however.


  • Can last from six months to up to a year. Apprenticeships are usually longer.
  • You won’t be paid apart from your travel and other expenses, but think about it, the experience you get will be invaluable in getting into a job or an apprenticeship placement afterwards. You may be even more attractive to employ once you have finished than someone just out of school. You also can’t buy the experience and skills you will build up.

While doing a traineeship you’ll get a lot of help getting you up to speed to start a job or an apprenticeship.

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