This part of the website is part of an ongoing research and development project. I hope the information you find on here is useful nonetheless. If there is something you can't find on here, I would like to refer you to or, which are excellent additional resources.

Finding possibilities – building the tools to get there

This section of the website is in continuous development. Why have I published this anyway, against all the ‘rules’? This is not a commercial website and I hope you can find something useful on here already and developing this will take a while as I do this in my spare time alongside my full time work as a career professional.

Now you’ve got the foundation and a broad idea of what direction you want to head into or what you want to achieve generally, let’s build some tools to get there. In the next section ‘How get there?’, we’ll use those tools in creative short- and mid- and long term ways. 








Next: How get to where you want to go, or how create a successful outcome?