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Student Finance

As you may already know, the picture when it comes to student finance has changed tremendously in the UK over the past decade. No doubt it will change again in the future. These changes have made it more difficult for many to decide on where to study and which course to do, or even whether to go to university in the first place.

Please bear in mind that this website only offers an overview. For more detailed information linked to your personal background, ideas and situation, explore your options further on the many links available here and on the next couple of pages. 

Depending on your personal situation and what course you are going to do, the situation doesn’t have to be desperate. As an undergraduate, you normally don’t pay anything up front. For postgraduate students, there is finance available as well and there are still a good number of commercial options for organising funding for your course. 

Student finance for undergraduates in England has changed the most of course. Some ‘highlights’ for the situation in England:

  •  The maximum fee for undergraduate students studying in England and Wales has changed from just over £9000 to a maximum of £9.250 a year. 
  •  Arrangements for student loans have changed at the same time for undergraduates. You now only start paying back when you earn over £25,000 (adjusted to the index) instead of £21,000.
  •  Remember that, just like before, you don’t pay any of your course fees up front and you only start paying back when you earn over the amount above. 
  •  There is now also the possibility to get a student loan if you are a part time student and if you study an officially recognised course at a private institution.

In Scotland, university study is generally paid for by the state. Have a look on the SAAS website for details.

For postgraduate students, the picture is very different. There are a variety of funding options out there but they generally differ from those for undergraduate study. Just like you are expected to be a more independent person/student/academic when you are studying at postgraduate level, so will you also be expected to be more independent in funding your course.

On the postgraduate page I will introduce different ways you can find money for your studies.

Other differences:

Especially for undegraduate students, the situation is very different in the three regions of the UK which are the subject of this website.

You will be able to find up to date information on the websites below. On the next pages I will hopefully provide you with a starting point, and with additional useful links, to enable you to make a well informed decision on your options.