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Career Guidance – Planning in the 21st century – a different way

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A different way of planning for the 21st century

Traditional career planning doesn’t cut it anymore in the 21st century. The world of work is now very fragmented and far removed from the traditional situation where someone plans their career around a job or profession and stays there for a long time, often for the rest of their career.

I would argue that it’s potentially better to plan your career with you as a starting point. Planning then happens around the skills you have to offer, your aptitudes and experiences as well as your interests. This will do a couple of things:

  • It takes your focus away from jobs or opportunities that may or may not be there in this rapidly changing world of work and business
  • This may make it more likely that you will find something fulfilling, because you’ve put you at the centre
  • It makes you more adaptable and flexible instead of the rigidity of focusing your future on one set of opportunities.
  • The focus is on what you have to offer a business, so you can more easily promote yourself when applying for a position
  • Planning with you at the centre gets around the changes in the job market and the world of business to some extent

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t aim for something, but rather that the aim needs to have the flexibility to change built in.

Some careers still need to have the single minded focus only someone who is very keen will have. Examples are:

  • Medicine – focus is needed because of the nature of the training, alongside the highly competitive nature of the career
  • The arts – focus is needed just because of the uncertainty within the industry and without this focus, in a very competitive environment with far more applicants than opportunities, success wouldn’t happen

I would argue that good career planning in the 21st century rests on:

  • An in depth recognition, awareness and knowledge of ‘you’
  • An adaptability and resilience as well as a willingness to recognise and go with change and opportunities that open up
  • An adaptable skillset as well as skills in marketing onesself in a competitive work and industrial environment

This means that career planning and the skillset needed more and more converges with what someone who works free-lance or someone who has their own business would need.

An attitude and planning based around these principles reflects a 21st century world of work and world of business far better than an attitude developed around the question ‘what someone wants to be’ when they are older. The modern world of work is more based around:

  • Fragmentation with
  • Increased competition and
  • Continuous change and flux in a
  • Globalised ever changing market economy