This website isn't complete... by a long stretch! It's more a cross between a blog and a website and a reflection of the research I do. At the moment I'm researching career theory and making graphics of each to help visual learners. When that's finished I'll add more text and I hope to add practical information to each of the theories. There is a long term plan! Since this is not strictly a commercial website, I don't mind it's not already perfect. I hope you find something useful on here. Come back often as things on here change all the time. In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you need anything!

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Career Choice and Attainment Model

Kimberly A.S.Howard 2010

The Career Choice and Attainment Model is, or appears to be, entirely geared towards young children. Some aspects stronger so than other. It offers a way to integrate career guidance and career exploration not only into formal and informal education, but also in everyday life. This is especially important for parents but care needs to be taken not to allow bias, unconscious or not, to influence the activity. This applies also to teachers and other professionals throughout the process, of course. For the adult guiding and supporting the child, being aware of their own biases and how they interact with child based activities is key, especially, but not uniquely, when it comes to expectations related to gender.

Can you think of a way by which you can adapt this model for adolescents and even adults?