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You’ve arrived here, so I guess you want to know a bit more about the person behind MARCR! To complete the picture, please also read the introduction to this website to find out how I work with clients.

Let’s introduce myself…

I am Marc Truyens, and I live, since 2004 (already!) in the South West of England where I work as a professionally trained guidance professional and a qualified assessor for the Level 6 Qualificatioin in Career Guidance but also the level 3 and 4 qualification in Advice and Guidance. I am also accredited to offer Morrisby psychometric assessments. Before I started work in career guidance, in 2003/2004, I did my postgraduate course/Qualification in Career Guidance or QCG for short, at the Nottingham Trent University, which was taught by an excellent team of lecturers.

I have worked in ‘hands on’ practical roles as well as ‘administrative’ roles in the hotel industry, the health care sector, the computer/IT sector, professional writing/journalism, education and the military; all this in different places, as varied as Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Scotland and England. Apart from the QCG, I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Guidance and Counselling in Learning (PGCPE for short) and an open BSc degree in art history and sociology for which I went to different universities. As well as higher education, I experienced learning and training on the job, studying in my own time while working full time and gaining qualifications through work. I am also an all-rounder, personality wise, which means that in my personal life I do most things in the home myself from cooking to carpentry, plumbing, soft furnishing, gardening, you name it… (even though there are quite a few things I don’t/won’t/can’t seem to do well!) and I have gained at least some skills (though not professionally) in all of these. This rich background gave me a very good vantage point and an excellent variety of experience from which to support others. Life allowed me to go through, and learn from, many of the pitfalls, cul-de-sacs and challenges I can see my clients go through, so I can hopefully more easily empathise with clients who are going through a challenging time or a period of indecision.

Since 2004 I have worked for Connexions and then Ansbury Guidance in career guidance within secondary schools as well as with adults. Throughout my career, I have supported students who are in higher education as well as sixth form students, those at college, on an apprenticeship, in work, or indeed, out of work. I am also a trained and qualified assessor and I support candidates through the Level 6 Qualification in Career Guidance. Apart from that, I keep up to date with developments, do my own research and support other professionals where I can. I strongly believe that working together is key if we want to build a professional and capable career guidance sector that can support people in their life decisions.

As you can see from the different sections on this website, I have a strong creative streak as well. I have a qualification in Digital Promotion for Business and I love (graphic) design, photography and writing, which I not only apply to support my work in career guidance but also generally outside that sector. I’m always open for queries and projects.

Skills wise, I have experience of the Adobe Suite but am not using this at the moment as I find it too expensive and I’m not sure their business model is helpful. Like many graphic designers I have opted to work in Affinity for much of my work instead, though it’s still being developed as I write this, and I also use Inkscape, Gimp and Scribus on occasion. I think it’s not necessary or wise to look down on these tools. They all have their own benefits and downsides, including Adobe.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this website and that you find it useful. The website, just like me and all of us as well as the world around us, is constantly under development, though. So please revisit to find all the new stuff on here!

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